French Immersion

Learning in French? - Mais oui!

In a French Immersion Program students receive the majority of their instruction in French from a teacher who speaks French fluently. The immersion program is designed for children whose first language is not French. Language learning poses few problems for the young child and, early exposure to learning a second language is key to great success. 

At École Sacré Coeur, our French Immersion Program is available beginning in kindergarten. Students begin grade one where they receive Language Arts instruction in both English and French, with their other subjects taught in French with the except of Religion which is taught in English. Since the program was designed for non-French speaking families, English is the language of communication between the home and the school. Parents are frequently amazed at the ease in which their children learn the French language. The French Immersion Program offers an excellent and enriching opportunity for your child to experience a second language. We are born curious, and typically children are eager and curious about learning a new way to communicate.

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