Counsellor's Corner

Counsellor's Corner

In our counsellor's corner . . . Mme. Natalie Jurick

Mme. Jurick is  our school counsellor. She brings tremendous care and compassion in order to provide counselling services as requested by students, staff or families. Sometimes a child needs a safe place to talk, play or journey through the healing process. School counsellors know how to listen and help. They'll take your problem seriously and work with you to find a good solution. School counsellors are trained to help. Parents can either make an appointment through phoning Mme. Jurick, emailing her,

When to seek help: 

Counsellors are trained to help people find constructive ways of dealing with anxiety & emotional stress. 

  • You feel overwhelming nervousness or lingering sadness adversely affecting you 
  • You notice persistent feelings of distress or hopelessness & you feel like you are barely able to get through your daily responsibilities & activities     

Social-Emotional Wellbeing

Please visit the following Website for more information on Social Emotional Supports for Parent and Families.